Ginger and Brigitte, two sisters morbidly obsessed with the macab. Social outcasts, just trying to be different, and completely bored with their suburban dead end hometown of Bailey Downs. "Out by sixteen or dead in the scene, but together forever. United against life as we know it." Their twisted pact agreed in blood to be, as they say, together forever. Till one fateful night when everything changed and brought their entire existence into question. They don't call it the curse for nothing...


---The media section is up and working. We only have GS1 media up at the moment though. We'll have the rest up and running soon.

---Just a little update, I am still working on the site and the GS bonus footage. For now you can watch some of the bonus footage that I've loaded through youtube on a temporary media page I've set up. Let me know if there are any problems viewing the material. Enjoy.

---If you havn't already noticed, the curse is back has finally gotten it's own domain. New features will be coming online shortly. Including all the bonus footage and deleted scenes from all 3 movies. As this site is new it is likly that it is full of errors and imperfections, please email me at with any flaws that you may come across.

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